Our team

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Franck van Dalen_2022_7
Business Unit Director B2B Franck van Dalen

Management Team

Patrick Heens_2022_7
Commercial Director Patrick Heens

Management Team

Paul Baardse_2022_7
Commercial Operations Manager Paul Baardse

Management Team

Judith Kuijs_2022_7
Controller Judith Kuijs-Ligthart

Management Team

Audrey Toumoulin_2024-03
Sales Manager Audrey Toumoulin

Sales Manager Asia Rob Klunder

Fleur Crielaard_2024-3
Technical Sales Support Specialist Fleur Crielaard
Chuyue Wang_2022_7
B2B Marketing Officer Chuyue Wang

Daphne Kranenburg
Customer Support Daphne Kranenburg

Ishamar Williams_2024-03
Team Leader Logistics Ishamar Williams
Marga Engel_2022_7
Logistics Coordinator Marga Engel

Floris Oudejans_2022_7
Logistics Coordinator Floris Oudejans

Logistics Coordinator Sandra Steeman-van Rems

Cloë Hagemeijer_2022_7
Finance & Business Support Assistant Cloë Hagemeijer

Mirjam Edelman-Baart
Office Manager Mirjam Edelman-Baart