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Goat milk products

ENS - FCMP bag

Full cream goat milk powder (FCMP)

Full cream goat milk powder (FCMP) is obtained after evaporation and spray drying of liquid full cream goat milk.

Areas in which milk powder, made from fresh goat milk, can be used are multiple. Our most important market is the baby food industry where the milk powder is being used successfully. In addition, there are remarkable opportunities in sectors like the sports nutrition, elderly nutrition, healthcare and applications in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. It can also be used as milk alternatives for puppies and kittens.


Organic full cream goat milk powder (OFCMP)

Organic full cream goat milk powder (OFCMP) is obtained after evaporation and spray drying of liquid organic full cream goat milk.

ENS - SMP bag

Skimmed goat milk powder (SMP)

During the production of skimmed goat milk powder (SMP) the fresh goat milk is first skimmed. After skimming, water is extracted from the skimmed goat milk through evaporation and spray drying, so that skimmed goat milk powder remains.

ENS - Goat Whey Protein bag

Goat whey protein concentrate (WPC)

Goat whey is a by-product in the production of goat cheese from goat milk.

There is a great variety in areas where WPC55 can be used. Our main important market is the baby food industry where WPC55 is used successfully in order to arrange the right balance between whey and casein protein. There are exciting opportunities in sectors like sports nutrition, healthcare and pharmaceutical products but also in the day-to-day production of, for instance, goat yogurt.

ENS - D90 bag

Demineralised goat whey powder (D90)

ENS has demineralised goat whey powder, better known as Demin90 or D90, produced in contract manufacturing.

Demineralised goat whey powder is produced from fresh liquid goat whey. Demin90 or D90 is often applied in the production of infant formula.

ENS - Lactose bag

Goat lactose

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products. That’s why it is also called milk sugar. In goat milk, about 40% of the solids is lactose.

Goat lactose is a product that is isolated from goat whey, whey is a by-product from the from the preparation of goat cheese. After ultrafiltration,  2 streams are formed, a protein-rich stream and a lactose-rich stream. The lactose-rich stream can be further purified, concentrated and after crystallization and drying,lactose powder is obtained.

Lactose powder can be used as a carbohydrate source in baby food.

Cypress MM

Goat cheese

Goat cheese finds itself in the centre of growing interest.

The young semi-hard cheese is ready for consumption after only six weeks of ripening. After longer ripening, the cheese will gradually get more taste and character. A distinctive feature is the creamy flavour, with a slight walnut taste and small ‘crystals’.

A good example is the Midnight Moon, a goat cheese that ENS has developed and that is produced by prestigious Dutch cheese dairies for our sister company Cypress Grove Chevre in the north of California.

Stock - curd

Goat curd

After a fermentation of the milk with lactic acid bacteria and addition of rennet fresh cheese is obtained. Through so-called filtration bags, the fresh cheese can be separated in curd and whey. The resulting whey is collected and processed into whey protein concentrate, WPC.

The fresh curd is packaged into blocks or rolls of 10 to 20 kilos and deeply frozen at -18⁰C.

ENS exports goat curd to goat milk cheese producers worldwide. Then, this high quality raw material is processed further into fresh, smooth and creamy goat cheese.

ENS - Goat butter

Goat butter

Goat milk contains fats, in addition to proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Depending on the season and the breed, Dutch goat milk contains on average about 30-33% fat of the milk solids.

After skimming the milk, skimmed milk and cream are formed. The cream can be further processed into butter.

Goats are able to fully convert the beta-carotene from grass to vitamin A which is why the colour of goat butter is whiter than the colour of cow butter.


The fatty acid composition of goat butter is slightly different from that of cow. It contains slightly more short and medium-chain fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the body, and the size of the milk fat globules is smaller.


Goat cream

The skimming of fresh goat milk results into two streams that can be further processed, skimmed goat milk and goat cream. Within our factory skimmed goat milk can be further processed to skimmed goat milk powder.


The goat cream contains about 40% fat and can be further processed into butter and ghee or used as cream in various applications like ice cream, cosmetics, confectionery products and fillings such as pralines.

Stock - milk

Goat milk in bulk (organic)

ENS offers (organic) goat milk in bulk for cheese processing, curd or yogurt etc. to customers throughout the European Union.

The (organic) milk comes in 25.000 liters containers and are delivered, after mutual consult, either untreated, thermised or pasteurised.