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Sheep milk products

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Sheep milk powder

Sheep milk powder is obtained after evaporation and spray drying of full cream sheep milk.

Areas in which milk powder made from fresh sheep milk can be used are multiple. The baby food industry is obviously one of them where the milk powder is being used successfully. In addition, there are remarkable opportunities in sectors such as healthcare and applications in cosmetic products.

Cypress LC

Sheep cheese

Sheep cheese gets increasingly more popular and not without reason. Not only because it taste wonderful but also because of the extensive assortment and numerous applications.

The young semi-hard cheese is ready for consumption after only three weeks of ripening. After longer ripening, the cheese will gradually get more taste and character. A distinctive feature is the buttery color and creamy flavor.

A good example is the Lamb Chopper, a sheep cheese that ENS has developed and that is produced by prestigious Dutch cheese dairies for our sister company Cypress Grove Chevre in the north of California.

Stock - milk

Sheep milk in bulk (organic)

ENS offers (organic) sheep milk in bulk for cheese processing, curd or yogurt etc. to customers throughout the European Union.

The milk comes in 25.000 liters containers and are delivered, after mutual consult, either untreated, thermised or pasteurised.