Emmi trainee
Emmi Traineeship

16.10.2023 - Are you (almost) graduated, ambitious and looking for a next start in your career? Then apply for the traineeship General Management or Operations & Supply Chain Management at EMMI Benelux BV!

Announcement: new company name

13.02.2023 - We are excited to share that AVH dairy trade B.V. and Goat Milk Powder B.V. will start a new chapter in the form of a new company name as per the 1st of April 2023. Our expertise in goat and sheep dairy products for a wide range of nutritional applications is at the heart of AVH dairy trade B.V. To better reflect our focus, our new name will be Emmi Nutritional Solutions (ENS).

ENS-eerste poeder
First production new production site Etten-Leur

29.11.2022 - After 2 years of preparation and just over 1.5 years of construction, last week we produced our first batch of goat milk powder at the new production site in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. A wonderful achievement of the team, who with hard work and good cooperation built this sustainable plant with all the latest technologies. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this important moment.

Goat Ice Cream_LinkedIn
Let’s try something cool! Goat ice-cream!

05.04.2022 - Despite the sudden cold last weekends, we smell that summer is around the corner. Let’s try something cool! Vegan ice-cream? Even cooler, goat ice-cream! By using goat milk instead of cow milk, your ice-cream will have an unique creamy flavor and is more friendly to cow-milk allergy consumers.

CocoTerra on Instagram: “This chocolate is GOAT”

10.01.2022 - Did you already know that our goat milk ingredients can be used in various applications? Next to infant nutrition, goat dairy ingredients are also widely used in sports supplement, senior nutrition, pet food and confectionary.

New Factory
Start of construction second milk powder factory

26.08.2021 - We are very proud to announce that the construction of our second milk powder factory together with Emmi Group has officially started.

Member of VNFKD

02.08.2021 - We are very proud to announce that this month we became the 23rd member of VNFKD, which is the Association of Dutch Manufacturers of Children's and Dietary Foods.

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